4 Reasons to Use Hydro Jetting for Drain Line Maintenance

A functional drain line is essential for a healthy and comfortable home. The plumbing components allow a smooth flow of waste liquid away from your house. However, a clogged drain or sewer line can cause the wastewater to back up into the house. The backflow affects the structural integrity of your home and increases the risk of infections.

In the past, a plumber would dig extensively to troubleshoot and unblock the drainage system. However, hydro jetting technology now offers a faster, more effective, and more cost-efficient way to clear your blocked drainage system.

The plumbing technology uses high-pressure water to remove any buildup in a plumbing system. Read on to find out more advantages of hydro jetting technology.

1. Clear Up the Drainage

Hydro jetting can protect your home through comprehensive cleanup of the plumbing system. From grease and mineral scale to tree roots, the high-pressure water leaves nothing in its path.

For the best results, a plumber can first inspect the drains using a video camera. The inspection helps assess the state of the plumbing before the use of high-pressure water. If the drain or sewer line is in good condition, the plumber then guides a cleanout pipe and a nozzle into the system.

When the cleanout pipe comes across a blockage, the plumber uses a powerful blast of water to clear it. The process continues until the entire system is clear of any blockage. This plumbing solution is more effective than other drain cleaning technologies.

2. Protect Your Home

A blocked drainage system poses an enormous threat to your precious investment. Whether it’s a sewer line or a sink drain, any clogged part of the plumbing can affect your home. The blocked wastewater flows back through the system into the house or seeps through the piping into the structure. Without immediate action, your home can flood, leading to property damage.

If you don’t inspect your plumbing regularly, the backflow can burst the piping and leak into foundation walls. With time, signs of water leaks emerge, including cracks, mold growth, and wet walls or floors. Other signs of backflow include bad odors in the home, discolored water in the faucets, and strange sounds in the piping.

By clearing the blockage in the drains or the sewer line, the wastewater can flow smoothly again. You don’t have to worry about costly home repairs caused by blocked drains.

3. Save Money on Drain Cleaning

Conventional drain cleaning is a labor- and cost-intensive project. Plumbing professionals may have to dig extensively across your property’s landscaping to locate the problem in the piping system. The specialized equipment and labor required for the job push the cost up. The technique also doesn’t resolve all the problems in the piping.

Hydro jetting offers a more efficient solution to blocked pipes. This plumbing technology saves money on labor and equipment. When you combine the process with a video camera inspection, you can more easily identify other minor issues in the plumbing system. Plus, the water blast leaves a completely clean drain or sewer line, which reduces the risk of another blockage.

4. Protect the Environment

Blocked drains and sewer lines are among the most common plumbing emergencies. Over the years, more methods have emerged to deal with these home emergencies. Some drain cleaning methods involve the use of chemicals to break down grease and mineral buildup. Some of these chemicals eventually seep into the soil and affect the ecosystem.

However, hydro jetting is a green technology that only uses water to clear blocked drains. The eco-friendly cleaning technology won’t affect the environment, and some plumbing companies even use recycled water for drain cleanup.

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