Frozen Pipesfrozen pipes

Frozen pipes can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home or business. Just one burst pipe can do tens of thousands of dollars of damage to ceilings, walls, carpeting and furnishings. Frozen pipes are most common in older homes or in locations where pipes are exposed, on outside walls, in crawlspaces and uninsulated attics.

Plumbing Repair

If your pipes have burst, or have thawed and not burst, you need to arrange for plumbing repair to replace the burst pipes, and possibly even pipes that didn’t burst, as freezing can weaken the pipe. Call First Class Plumbing for a quick response. Keep reading for information on how to avoid having to call us for frozen pipes.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

You can prevent the headache and financial burden from frozen pipes by doing several things:

  • Sealing gaps where cold air may come in contact with your pipes, such as near dryer vents, cable entry, etc.
  • Disconnect hoses from outside hose bibs before freezing temperatures are expected.

When the temperature is expected to be below freezing for a prolonged period of time:

  • Open under sink cabinets and allow a trickle of both hot and cold water running in taps located on an outside wall.
  • If a house, cabin or other location will be vacant during the winter, turn off the water main and leave the heat set to no lower than 60 degrees to keep the pipes from freezing.

If you turn on a faucet during frigid temperatures and there is no flow of water, turn off the water main but leave the faucets open. If pipes are exposed, you may be able to thaw them yourselves using a hair dryer. If the frozen pipes are behind a wall, call First Class Plumbing for help.

Emergency Plumbing

We offer emergency plumbing service 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have frozen pipes or a busted water main causing major problems, call us for emergency service. Our trucks are fully stocked with all of the necessary tools, parts and piping needed to complete any plumbing repairs, drain clearing and more.

Call us today at 866-989-2837 or contact us through our website to work with plumbers you can trust to get the job done right the first time!