gas line installationGas Line Installation

First Class Plumbing performs gas line installation inside residential and commercial locations throughout the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area, including Northern Virginia. We are natural gas line plumbers and install gas lines for a number of projects including:

Gas Line Contractors

We are licensed gas line contractors, and Mike is a master plumber with a high degree of experience, qualifications and knowledge regarding plumbing, HVAC and gas line installation and repairs.

If you smell rotten eggs or hear a hissing near a gas line and suspect you have a gas leak, leave the premises immediately and call your gas company from a safe location.

  • CALL 911 promptly after evacuating the area.
  • DO NOT smoke or light a match, candle or other flame.
  • DO NOT turn electrical devices on or off, including light switches.
  • DO NOT start an engine or use any device, including a telephone, which could cause a spark.
  • DO NOT attempt to control the leak or repair the damaged pipe or meter yourself.

Emergency Plumbing

We offer emergency plumbing and emergency gas line repair 24/7, 365 days a year. Once the gas company has shut off the gas and the emergency has passed, call us and we’ll get a crew out to your location right away. Our trucks are fully stocked with all of the necessary tools, parts and piping needed to complete any repairs.

Call us today at 866-989-2837 or contact us through our website to work with plumbers you can trust to get the job done right the first time!