Is Your Plumbing Up to Code?

If your plumbing system is older, it may not be up to code. This can be a concern when it comes to plumbing repairs or remodeling. Just because you own your home or business doesn’t mean you can do anything you want with it. Local building codes dictate what you can and cannot do when modifying the plumbing system.

This is where do-it-yourselfers can run into trouble, and why it pays to hire a professional plumber. Did you know that when making repairs or home improvements, your new plumbing is required to be up to code? If you or an unlicensed handyman installs plumbing without bringing the existing plumbing in that room up to code, you could be in trouble when you try and sell your property, and an inspector discovers plumbing issues.

If you have an older home or business with the original plumbing, there is a good chance your plumbing may not meet current code. Many municipalities update their laws/codes every three years, mostly based on the International Plumbing Code published by the International Code Council in Washington, D.C.

Some of the more common problems in older buildings include lead pipes, not installing shield plates where pipes pass through the studs, not burying the plumbing deeply enough underground and not having the proper shut-off valves in place. Inadequate drain slopes can also be a problem, making it easy for pipes to clog because the escaping water leaves behind solid materials. Improper venting can also cause problems down the line.

Older buildings may be protected by grandfather clauses, so there’s no need to worry about replacing your entire plumbing system. But if you need plumbing repairs or are thinking about bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling, it’s a wise decision to hire a licensed plumber who is familiar with all of the latest code changes.

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