First Class Plumbing - Heating & Air ConditioningHeating and Air Conditioning

First Class Plumbing also has a Residential Heating and Air Conditioning division, dedicated to keeping you comfortable in your home. We are offering American Standard top of the line equipment and or Rudd Equipment.


We are a licensed HVAC contractor serving parts of Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. We do furnace and air conditioning repair on any make or model. For new installations, we recommend American Standard or Rudd.

Furnace stopped working? AC on the fritz? We can mobilize at a minute’s notice to respond to emergencies. We work with homeowners throughout the area. We understand that having a regulated temperature is a comfort issue, but for people with certain health conditions, it’s crucial.

To avoid emergencies as much as possible, we recommend a yearly check-up of your heating and air conditioning system. In this way, our HVAC technicians can identify small problems before they turn into big ones.

Listed below is a check list of what is provided with the service contract:
• Suction ________ Psi
• Head _________ Psi
• Volts _________ Amps
• Electrical Connections
• Contacts Tight & Clean
• Oil Level & Condition

Condenser Coil
• Clean Coil and Check Fin condition.
• ENT _____°F LVG ______°F
• Leak
• Charge

Fan and Motor
• Volts ____ Amps ___
• Electrical Connections
• Contacts Tight and Clean
• Fan Pulleys (Adjust Belt)
• Check, Lube Beasrings & motor
• CFM _____

Evaporator Coil
• Clean Coil & Check FIN
• ENT DB ____°F LVG DB ____°F
• ENT WB____°F LVG WB ___°F

Condensate Areas
• Inspect & Clean Drain Pan
• Inspect & Clean Drain

Air Filters
• Cleaned
• Replaced

Heating Assy.
• Burner & heat Exchanger
• Fuel Supply & Pressure
• Pilot Assembly
• Flame Adjustment
• Primary Relay & Flue
• Fan & Limit Switch Oper
• Blower Assembly
• RV Valve
• Strip Heat
• Defrost Cycle

Electrical Components
• Relays
• Contactors
• Overload
• Press. Switch

• O.K.
• Replace
• Heat Anticipator

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